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Luminary Legacies

Luminary Legacies offers us an ability to get our hands on the dials and levers that enable personal power for the collective good and causing happiness.  It’s about creating a viral global conversational environment of acknowledgment.  It’s about us getting connected with each other, our friends, families, peers, communities we belong to.   In the act of acknowledgment, people get to know they make a difference and they have left a legacy or their signature in that person’s life – they become a Luminary.


Luminary Legacies honours people who have impacted positively individuals, families, communities, and society. One of our main goals is to empower people to acknowledge people they know who have had an amazing impact on their world.  Many people do not grasp how they have changed the world or the course of someone’s life and that is to be celebrated. Whenever I get acknowledged, my heart lightens and I am compelled to take a step closer to take action towards my dream.  Whenever I acknowledge my friends and family, they are inspired by themselves and their view/perspective of life transforms as does mine.  And, it’s not about doing good charity work, or being a celebrity; it’s about ordinary people, being extraordinary. 

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