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I am Lucia Kennedy. Since I was 11 years old, I have had the vision to empower people and create projects that are meaningful and create happiness. At school, I was mocked by kids (and adults) that my dream to be a professional tennis player was stupid and would never happen. This fuelled my crazy passion to be in action. Living through the tragedy of the Christchurch earthquakes, I experienced first-hand the uncertainty of life, terror, tragedy, and all that follows. Take A Chance was inspired by these events.


In 2015 I travelled to Gallipoli to the ANZAC Centennial Services, followed by a journey of the World War I trail throughout Europe, ending in Brockenhurst, finding three graves of my father’s great, great uncles. The unimagined horror and sacrifice of precious lives who have left a profound legacy are my forgotten, unacknowledged heroes – my luminaries. We all have true heroes we forget to acknowledge. Luminary Legacies was created as a structure to “Share Our Hearts” and acknowledge those who contribute to us, to our everyday heroes.


In 2018, I hosted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the Youth Mental Health Event. I was privy to personal and authentic leadership and conversations, which has given me an empathy for those who struggle with mental health and people who are a stand for others being well, including the exit of Harry and Meghan from their Royal duties. Heartfelt stories inspired me. I was able to think differently, learn new ways to approach life and take empowered actions. All That Follows, is inspired by people’s shared stories.


As part of the Rugby World Cup trade events in New Zealand, I was privileged to attend the Rutherford Innovation Forum promoting New Zealand’s digital to global investors. I saw the power of technology and what it makes possible. I saw my future as a social entrepreneur working hand in hand with technology to create solutions to social, environmental, and business challenges.


Combined with my love of technology, retail sales marketing experience, psychology, and digital programming skills, I have developed an eco-efficient digital solution to a problem common to retailers and consumers. This is the motivator for 4.00 AM Innovation.




I am completing a conjoint programme to gain a Bachelor of Commerce, Information Systems and Marketing, and Bachelor of Science, Psychology from Victoria University of Wellington. I am about to embark on a computer programming intensive.


I’d love more like-minded people to join me and make something wonderful happen for our communities, especially amid Covid 19 era.


I am pleased to introduce myself.


I’d love you to join me to ramp up the projects.



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